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Maxime CANO


My past experiences were about business development, concept creation & management, with a strong focus in Asian market.
Born in France, I joined the catering school of Thonon les Bains, and am graduated with a Bachelor from the “Institut Paul Bocuse” in catering and business management.
Rich of traveling, my experience is also the reflection of my ability to adapt myself in different environments, the desire to learn more and the ambitious to share my knowledge and always go up.
Other highlights of my background that may be interesting to you:
-­‐ Creative, problem solving and analytical talent to manage a team and analyze a market.
-­‐ Keen instinct to quickly effect change and improvement of relationship marketing programs.
-­‐ Strong leadership talent, “team player” attitude and spirit. Very dynamic.
-­‐ Due to my personality and my travels I am able to speak French, English, Chinese
and Spanish.

Expérience professionnelle

general manager


Depuis le 01 février 2014

Staff Management
1. Supervise staff and ensure the levels of customer service are impeccable and in line with company standards.
2. Ensure you are fully aware of the other manager’s roles and duties and that they understand the level of responsibilities.
3. Follow-up on tasks that have been assigned to managers.
4. Help screen and hire new team members if need be, monitor their performance and provide guidance to improve customer relations and job skills.
5. Understand the schedule and work hours, making sure that enough staff are present to cover each shift. If employees are unable to work, managers may have to call in alternatives to cover them or fill in themselves. No task is too small, managers are expected to help whenever they can; including but not exclusive to clearing tables, serving drinks or other tasks when the venue becomes extremely busy.
6. Oversees grooming (uniforms) and hygiene of staff at all times; ensuring offenders are given guidance and warning to adhere to company standards.
7. To create a good working atmosphere and build a team in order to increase morale and efficiency and maintain motivation.
8. To always set an example by your actions.
9. To oversee all staff schedules weekly (balancing company request with staff requests, being fair).
10. To monitor the correct billing and accounting of all transactions and keeping your eyes open for thievery, identify tricks and communicate with the CEO.
11. To track any suspicious activity and report findings to the CEO.
12. To ensure new hires are properly inducted on their first 2 weeks of work and adequate training has been given.
13. To conduct nightly briefings and motivate the staff whilst doing so.
14. To participate in staff trainings and to keep track of attendance, whilst planning to improve the areas of weakness.
15. Writing schedules for staff and being ultimately responsible for overtime salary paid out and balancing this with other duty managers to ensure hours are 'earn back' to even out any overtime worked.
16. Work with department managers and corporate staff to develop training and service plans. To co-ordinate and implement a training program after identifying the need of employees, conduct training sessions for all staff members and evaluate their performance (communicate with CEO)
17. Establish and implement short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures. Highlight weaknesses in trainings and implement.
18. To ensure all new staff are fully trained for their relevant positions and have been made aware of their job description. Work closely with human resource to ensure labor laws are not being violated and that you have a clear understanding of the employee handbook.
19. Conduct weekly operations meeting to review previous week and to plan for coming week ahead. The Apartment Operations Manager will introduce you to these meetings and advise of the format.

Customer Service and Relations
1. Oversee that guests are served properly and in a timely manner. Investigate and resolve customers' complaints about food / drink quality and service. Monitor orders in the kitchen to determine where backups may occur, and work with the chef to remedy any delays in service.
2. Direct staff to be attentive to customer needs at all times. Train them to anticipate.
3. Ensuring positive relations with shareholders, suppliers, and other Collective Concepts management.
4. Improve the overall guest experience and ensure that by good public relations regular guest are constantly increasing.
5. Ensure the VIP program is understood by all staff and driven to maximize its potential.
6. Work with the security team to ensure no “heavy handed” security guards and working and encourage communication as the key to resolving situations.
7. Ensure all management and hostess are dressed in a away that reflects the companies ethos.

Stock and inventory
1. Understand and oversees the inventory and ordering of food / beverage, equipment and supplies and arrange for the routine maintenance and upkeep of the venues equipment and facilities. Report any discrepancies in costs and profit as well as suggest ways in how to improve overall profit margin.
2. Assists in keeping accurate record of inventory in the venue including equipment purchases.
3. Report suspicious activities to the CEO.
4. Ensure weekly and monthly inventory is completed in a timely manner for both the food and beverage.
5. Ensure invoices are added to the invoice tracker and sent to the office no later than 5pm on Sunday of each week.
6. Ensure all food and beverage menus have been costed prior to launch.
7. Ensure weekly ABV readings are being conducted in the venue.
8. Review the cash up system and ensure the venue is not open to any theft.

Venue Management
1. Oversee direction of the cleaning of the dining areas and the washing of tableware, kitchen utensils, and equipment to comply with company and government sanitation standards and to occur during slow times or when the dining room is closed. Ensure that health regulations and safety standards are met at all times.
2. Spot check bars for cleanliness, and push maintenance efficiency.
3. To ensure all cleaning schedules are maintained and the cleanliness of your bar/club/lounge/terrace is kept to the highest possible standards and the company standards
4. To upkeep cleanliness of bar front/club/lounge/terrace floor as much as possible during busy times.
5. Arrange for equipment maintenance and repairs in a timely manner and through correct channels.
6. Adhere to the opening and closing checklist.
7. Ensure that all opening and closing duties are completed and filed away at the end of the shift.
8. Ensure that company standards are followed at all times.
9. To ensure the bar/study/terrace is set up on a nightly basis and environments are up to company standards.
10. Regularly practice economy to minimize any incorrect usage of any resources with particular attention given to achieving beverage costs and variable expenses.
11. To be fully aware of any items that is out of stock and follow up.
12. To ensure the current menu items are correctly programmed in the point of sale.
13. Ensure nightly reports are sent to relevant management including closing messages and email reports.

1. To conduct monthly marketing meeting with the marketing manager and plan for future events, NYE, Birthday, Halloween etc etc.
2. Work with the marketing manager and the club manager to come up with unique revenue generating ideas.
3. Help execute marketing ideas for events by overseeing décor, briefing promo guidelines to staff and training them to know special deal for the night.
4. Ensure all the venue marketing material is up to date and posters / flyers are ordered in advance.
5. Coordinate event orders to ensure smooth execution of agreement with client and ensure accurate payment is received.

Human Resource
1. Ensure accurate time cards and staff schedules are submitted to human resource in a timely manner.
2. Ensure that staff schedules are posted on the prescribed time at least 1 week in advance.
3. Ensure Employee of the month is completed and submitted on time no later than 25th of each month.
4. Ensure staff appraisals are competed and improvement plans introduced.
5. Ensure manager appraisals are completed and development plans introduced.
6. Approve all holidays in the down time of business and ensure adequate cover is organized.

Formation complémentaire


Institut Paul Bocuse - Arts Culinaires & Management de la Restauration

2002 à 2005

Parcours officiels

Institut Paul Bocuse – Bachelor – Arts Culinaires & Management de la Restauration – 2006


Anglais - Courant

Français - Langue maternelle

Espagnol - Technique

Chinois - Technique