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Julie Magnet

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Experienced Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurants industry. Skilled in Hospitality Industry, English, Management, Marketing Strategy, and Social Media. Strong business development professional with a Master's Degree focused in Msc , International Hospitality Management from EMLYON Business School.

Expériences professionnelles

Business developer

De Mars 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Event organizer

De Janvier 2014 à Juin 2014

• Supervise events, find new partners
• Create a foreign community
• Help people to be more adaptable in the country, through meetings, appointments in bars and in restaurants, organizing also Travel Worship
• Implementation of new types of communication to be well-known and to get a better awareness (Brochure, News letter)
• Maintains and upgrade Web site and social network pages

Assistant director

De Juin 2013 à Août 2013

• I completed a three-month internship in a start up “ Salut, un café “, where I was helping to develop a new concept that had been created the previous year. I worked on the promotion, how to get a better visibility on the market and how to be more attractive with new substitute products.

• waitress

De Juillet 2012 à Septembre 2012

Marketing assistant

De Septembre 2011 à Décembre 2011

• My responsibility to deliver POS included gathering requirements for the materials from the local sales offices, writing briefs then assigning to the design studio and following up to ensure timely delivery.
• I worked on different market studies.
• I was part of the task force to deliver the marketing plan for 2012 with specific focus on my consumer segment . I had worked on the 2012 launching new products. I was involved in meetings, presentations, desk research and gathering qualitative feedback from the market.

Sales assistant

De Janvier 2011 à Février 2011

• My first tasks was to prepare the sales during 2 weeks , I had to label all the different sales products.
• Then I worked as a seller, I had to advice the customers and increase the sales.
• And the third part of my work was on the merchandizing of the new collection.

Charity experiences

De Septembre 2010 à Juin 2013

• 2012/2013 : I was highly Involved in Humanitarian Association during one year"Plan International" in order to sponsor children in India. My tasks was to promote the Association, and also to collect money for Plan. So I had to build many event to collect funds , like for example student night; partnership with poker group...

• 2011/2012 I was responsible of the organization of a fashion show. My team and my self have to canvass different places, designers and unpaid people to help us for that show. I had to find different sponsors...

Formations complémentaires

Master's Degree

EMLYON Business School - Msc , International Hospitality Management

2014 à 2016

Master's Degree

Institut Paul Bocuse - Msc, International Hospitality Management

2014 à 2016

Master's degree, Business school ECE, Inseec group

Inseec - ECE LYON - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2010 à 2014

3 third

Business university poland / Wroclaw

2013 à 2013


Parcours officiels

Institut Paul Bocuse – MSc – International Hospitality Management – 2016


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Notions

Chinois - Notions

Centres d'intérêt

  • • During my time at university I worked on different charity events (Fashion organic show
  • charity party to promote the association “PLAN”) to raise funds for children in India and to permit them to go to school. • Improvisational Theater • Running • Traveling
  • discover new culture