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Charles BOGGIO

Expériences professionnelles

Extra contract

De Octobre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

I'm working with C-gastronomy as an extra-employee. I come when they need more hand on the service of their events.

Last time I worked as a waiter for the Lumières Movie Festival.

Food event manager


De Septembre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

As a Student in my Third year at Institut Paul Bocuse in culinary arts, I chose a specialization in Food events and reception with the Parisian group Potel & Chabot. We worked for weeks on the graduation ceremony with 1200 guests on October, and we managed all the issues of this type of event. We are creating for December an event for a student competition, and we organize all the points of this night.

My third year in the IPB is a close step to the professional world, because our classe is a event company, sold as that for potential clients.

Chef on demand

De Septembre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

I have been creating my own restaurant in Lyon for months now.
I manage my own place, and I move to clients places for a special food experience. My point is to share my creativity and my taste to people who are not used to be in high quality restauration.

I try to create a new experience for the customer, with low prices and a very different approach.

I'm working with an other person who manages the reservations, and help me on the mise en place before the event.

Skills : - Cost management
- Creativity
- Customer service
- Event management


Restaurant Tetedoie , Lyon - Stage

De Avril 2016 à Août 2016

Hired as Intern Commis

I was in charge of the side dishes of the meat section.

Learnt a lot, and It was my first true experience in Gastronomic restaurant.

Thanks to that I improve my self-confident, and improve my cooking skills and knowledges.

Assistant cuisine


De Novembre 2014 à Février 2015

Formation complémentaire

DUT Techniques de Commercialisation

Lyon 1 - Techniques de Commercialisation

2013 à 2015

Parcours officiels

Institut Paul Bocuse – Bachelor – Arts Culinaires & Management de la Restauration – 2018


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Technique

Espagnol - Technique