Camille Revel 2015

Situation professionnelle

A l'écoute du marché

Souhait professionnel

À responsabilité, sous autorité d'un mentor
Jeune diplômé
Entre 35 k et 55 k€
- Indifférent
- Restaurant 3 Etoiles
- Compagnie Aerienne - agences de réservation
- Non renseigné
- Hôtellerie,Tourisme,Restauration
- Conseil / Gestion des entreprises

Expériences professionnelles


De Janvier 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Restaurant manager

De Juillet 2014 à Janvier 2015

Floor Manager. Principal mission: plan and run a process to upgrade the quality and level of service of the restaurant → Position Description sheets and Welcome Manual redaction; preparation and animation of each briefings and debriefings; Community Management of the restaurant (reviews websites and web visibility of the restaurant) to be as close as possible from guest satisfaction; supplies management for the floor and supplier relationship; creation of new standards and service processes, hierarchy validation and team members training in working conditions.

Student internship with managerial and formation responsibilities

De Juin 2013 à Novembre 2013

This six month internship was simply an incredible experience. We were a team of seven french students from Institut Paul Bocuse and were responsible of all the managerial functions of the restaurant.
During operational functions, we had to manage a 17 Chinese students team, that were here to learn the international standards of service and gastronomy. They really had few basics in this knowledge as well as in english communication skills. It was very challenging, day after day, to get them surpassing themselves in learning and practicing all this new culture. We had to ensure their pure knowledge formation through ourselves made courses on wines, products, service techniques and english, as well as their practical formation as waiters, bartenders, sommeliers and Maitre d'hotel with practical classes created and animated by ourselves. We then of course had to mark the students, write comments and follow their results in the time to help or congratulate.
The cost controller function was very interesting and passionated me. I had to produce every week a KPI report (Key Performance Indicators report) and animate a reunion with all the managing team around it to highlight issues or good things, take decisions and give objectives. I thus had to analyze all the previous week datas (sales and consummations) with Excel to produce pertinent results and show what needed.
I also was communication and marketing manager. During my mission the restaurant director gave me a 2000€ budget for communication for a three day event one month later at the restaurant, and a 20'000€ objective. We were receiving a french chef cooking his own set menu, lunches and dinners for three days in our restaurant. I thus fixed the prices of the menu and the occupation objectives for each shift, centered all the banners and texts, contacted websites to contract adds and journalists to organize interviews. We attained the objective of 20'000€.

Stage en tant que serveur

De Mai 2012 à Septembre 2012

Formation complémentaire

Licence Management International de l'Hôtellerie

Institut Paul Bocuse - Restauration

2011 à 2014

"Institut Paul Bocuse provides training for Culinary Arts and the Hospitality industry. Integrating tradition, modernity, innovation and research, it aims at the excellence."
The three-year program I am performing trains bilingual professionals for attractive hotel and restaurant management positions.
The first year centers on learning the profession: the technical and managerial fundamentals
of French know-how.
The second year we start learning management tools and techniques and those specific to the sector
in an international environment. We perform analysis and resolution of problems.
The third and last year of the program consists in contributing to the overall performance of the company by an exposure to strategic, structural and business environment issues as well as to innovations and trends in the profession.

Parcours officiels

Institut Paul Bocuse – Licence – Management International de l'Hôtellerie - Restauration – 2014


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Technique