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Aude, 23 years old French student, can be described as JOYFUL, ENERGETIC, SIMPLE, ACTIVE and PASSIONATE. She has spent time in the F&B department during internships to explore different aspects of restaurants.
She has travelled and worked in St Jean de Luz, Mauritius, Reunion Islands, Paris and Lyon where like a ‘hobo’ she found her way of life:
- to meet people from around the world
- share in their cultures
- and bring them whatever she can.

She is very rooted in her beliefs and values which tend towards ecological and humanitarian ones. Her objectives for the future are to bring better innovative alternatives to businesses in respect to the environment and to human wellbeing.

Expériences professionnelles

Chef de la résidence

De Février 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Stagiaire management de projet


De Septembre 2015 à Janvier 2016

ID Institut Paul Bocuse synergy: 1 partner, 4 fields of expertise, a concentrate of IDeas

ID - Innovation & Development at Institut Paul Bocuse is capable of satisfying the managerial process for local, national and international projects, from their initiation phase up to product launches and their assessment.

Our approach is distinguished by the ability of our experts to ensure personalized project monitoring and through a stable system of accompaniment that, by definition, integrates your project in a partnership process.

Assistante chef de cuisine


De Août 2013 à Novembre 2013

Stagiaire cuisine/pâtisserie

De Mars 2012 à Juillet 2012


De Septembre 2011 à Mars 2012

F&B department: Pastry, Cuisine, Bar, Dining-room, Room-service, Beach girl

Stagiaire salle et pâtisserie

De Juin 2011 à Septembre 2011

Commis de salle durant 1 mois
Commis pâtisserie durant 3 mois

Formations complémentaires

Master of culinary & innovation (en cours)

Institut Paul Bocuse - Culinary Arts & Innovation

2013 à 2016

Bachelor's degree

Vatel Business School - Hospitality management

2010 à 2013

Parcours officiels

Institut Paul Bocuse – Master – Master Management Culinaire & Innovation – 2015


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Technique